50 Scenario Thought Joggers

  1. Difficult decisions: relations, life/death, finances, job, attachments, stuff
  2. Memorable minute or two of sports game: football, soccer, basketball, hockey, skiing, golf. Tennis...
  3. Moment of joy: wedding, funeral, birth, personal, children, nature
  4. Most embarrassing experience: school, job, family reunion, public place, restaurant
  5. Teaching moment: failure, success, aha!, eureka!, discovery, never forget
  6. Fictional adventure: event, time, location, person, space vacation, deep sea
  7. Wishes that you: regret, want to come true, pray for, believe came true
  8. Encounter that inspired: awe, fear, apprehension, regret, feeling of destiny,
  9. When you realized appearances can deceive: event, time, location, person, magician, expectation
  10. Brushes with: greatness, opportunity, death, luck, disaster, UFO's
  11. Strange or unexpected: encounters, turn of events, surprises, happenings
  12. Describe a trip that you dream to take: country, city, underwater, outer space, resort, tree houses
  13. Encounter that changed your life: event, time, location, person, accident, introduction
  14. Recollect a childhood: trip, vacation, friend, pet, teacher, project, game, toy
  15. Experiences of feeling: lost, inadequate, strong, joyous, fearful, dread, anger
  16. Experience of extreme disappointment: event, time, location, person, job, school, relationship
  17. An imaginary encounter with: real or fictitious wild animal, person, disaster, event
  18. Moment of discovery: historic, personal, invention, event, time, location
  19. Describe your dream: job, car, house, accomplishment, world, climate, food
  20. Describe your most rebellious act against: school, job, family, tradition, expectation, habit, boredom
  21. Describe your real or imaginary: private zone, secret place, escape pod, get-away
  22. Disastrous: dates, cars, relationships, purchases, decisions, outcomes, pets
  23. An encounter which altered your view of : someone, something, food, memory, reality, time, location
  24. Misunderstanding of significance: miscommunication, comedic missteps, conflicting intentions
  25. How technology can be: trouble, worthwhile, incredible, fun, necessary, nuisance
  26. Survived a natural disaster: event, time, location, heroic acts, animals, people,
  27. Memories of new experiences: school, job, sports, travel, adventure
  28. The day everything went: right, wrong, weird, out of control
  29. Invention(s) you'd love to see: created, destroyed, succeed, fail
  30. Memorable encounter a person of authority: event, time, location, person
  31. Relate a frightening or dangerous experience: event, time, location, person
  32. Marked a turning point in your life: event, time, location, person
  33. The time you laughed: until you cried, when no one else laughed, till it hurt, till you thought you would die?
  34. When you realized: parents were right, how little you know, magnitude of space, personal change needed
  35. What caused you to break with a significant: friendship, alliance, tradition, expectation
  36. Experiences which led you to: Renew, question, abandon faith?
  37. Experiences that helped you: grow up, survive ordeal, learn to adapt, become happier
  38. What it would be like to live as: an animal, insect, bird, Santa's Elf, sea creature, Martian
  39. Changed position on a controversial issue: Observation, event, time, location, person
  40. When life taught you a lesson: event, time, location, person
  41. Last experienced: rejection, dismissal, loss of worth
  42. When you took a stand: on an issue of importance
  43. Earliest memory: school, family, disaster, new house
  44. Eyewitness account to a significant event: personal, historic, natural disaster
  45. First attempt to: leave home, drive a car, ride a bike, change a diaper, cook a holiday meal
  46. First or last day: on the job, at school, in a house, relationship, on a cruise, vacation, redecorating
  47. First visit to a: zoo, dairy, farm, library, car lot, train, plane, art gallery, castle, museum, landmark
  48. Most memorable journey: event, time, location
  49. Dumbest things you've done: pets, parties, school, home, in public, on a dare, with friends
  50. Near Misses with catastrophe: event, time, location, person, activity, car, plane, sports, weather

List by pat kelley 2019