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During a week of procrastination and heading towards a hard deadline for delivering a speech at my club, I experimented with my own, personalized "Rule of Three for Motivational Speeches" method of speech writing. 

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

For an additional challenge I decided to add a bit of fun by sprinkling repetitive groups of descriptive threes (highlighted in yellow) throughout all sections. 

The result was a fun, entertaining exercise which helped not only to write the speech but in delivery to the group.

Downkoad Monster in My House (pdf)

All triple-plays highlighted in yellow.

The monster in my in house

Introduction: A monster lives in my house.

The beast thrives on

  • neglect,
  • disorder and
  • confusion

and has occupied my life and lived in many rooms over the years. I've attempted to exorcise this demon 1,000 times, survived many battles, but the war is hopelessly lost. No hope. However, through much consternation and gnashing of teeth I've managed to entrap the Behemoth in the:

Chaos Room, a room with three names:

  • Guest Room: Lovely location, sits above the garage and has a nice 2-story view.
  • Office Room: Outfitted with all the conveniences of an Internet business
  • Junk Room: Where the Wild Things Grow

Body: Guest Room

  • In its heyday, the guest room housed
    • grandchildren,
    • relatives and
    • friends.

    Contains a

    • daybed, covered with a paisley
    • comforter with matching
    • pillows.

    The above are the only items I possess which match...each other.

    • night stand which holds a
    • lamp and a
    • white noise machine

    A small desk holds the

    • TV
    • dvd &
    • Roku.

    The walls are

    • white,
    • pink and
    • lavender

    - in splashes and splotches. It has needed a paint job since the day we moved in 34 years ago. The floor is carpeted. I dread the day carpet needs to be replaced. That day passed may years ago. Of the several owners of the past, one fell asleep while smoking in bed. A neighbor tried and failed to save her. I suspect the floor is not pretty beneath the surface.

    Another neighbor insisted the house is haunted by this spirit. I admit some strange things have happened. We usually find the culprits to be a result of

    • rust,
    • corrosion or
    • neglect
  • but never witnessed any
    • ghosts,
    • flying lamps or
    • shrieking harpies.

    Office Room

    A desk, computer, 2 printers, paper shredder, binders full of household records and an art table because I

    • like,
    • love and
    • live


    • draw,
    • paint,
    • create.
    • How many of you doodle during meetings?
    • How many doodle on tests? (Supposedly a sign of giftedness - rebellion)
    • Do you save your doodles?

    As a "creator" I enjoy the self-anointed god-like omniscience to decide life or death for my creations. There is no other choice for my everlasting stuffed into old boxes and hauled around for 50 years.

    The office: The birth of Scissorcraft websites. My desire to illustrate collided with new grand kids and my ability to create web sites. This office is I watched my pin-money sky-rocket from $300 to $50K before returning to crash and burn. The internet is a dirty place, filed with pirates, thieves and noble causes and I fought them all the way down.

    Junk Room

    And, for no points, the category is:

    Tedious, time consuming stacks of stuff

    • Pens that still write,
    • lids with no jars,
    • pieces without games

    These are not Jeopardy questions, these are bags and boxes of things to be sorted through. Things which have no place in decent society. Broken, disheveled rejects of stuff. Oh when will those old pens dry out! I know those jars are around somewhere. I just have to match up the games up, that's all.


    • the good,
    • the bad,
    • the ugly

    intermixed into the heap. Children's drawings, my drawings, writings of old times, friends and school mates. Boxes and bags of

    • photos,
    • cards,
    • negatives

    Good intentions long past due, now no dates, no places, no bags of loose photos envelopes, negatives. All this...before inheriting my Fathers vast collection.

    Conclusion: The Chaos Room The place where every thing I deny exists to mock me and my

    • excuses,
    • procrastination's and
    • protestations
    • I don't have time
    • It's not the right time
    • It's not really that important

    Guest Room. The kids are all grown and into their own lives miles away. These days the cat keeps company with the haunted spirit and sleeps comfortably between the big fluffy pillows, surrounded by piles of books, blankets and boxes.

    Office Room: Scissorcrafts continues but her images are scattered throughout the Internet due to electronic file sharing. Pandora's box opened, gone are the days when this self-anointed god-like omniscient one may decide life or death for her creations. My children have achieved life everlasting.

    Junk Room. The junk room continues to feed the dragon.

    I've waved the white flag, called in the kids - please take what is theirs and all of the rest. Last week my daughter brought over three bins of new stuff to add to the junk room. Sometimes I think I will leave it all to the kids, maybe they will burn the place down.

    There may come a time when the

    • earth,
    • planets and
    • stars

    converge and I finally have the time, at the right time, when it is really of these days, I'll finally slay the monster in my house...real soon

Pat Kelley September 5, 2018