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The Bat and Ball Conundrum

bat ball puzzlesol1200

Bat and ball Puzzler

Together a bat and a ball costs $1.10

If the bat costs $1.00 more than the ball, What are the costs per each bat and ball?

Ball $__________ Bat $__________ Total $__1.10___

Fast Thinking

At first glance or impulse, the simple subtraction of $1.10 - .10 1.00 might indicate the cost of the ball is 10 cents.

But, wait, slow down a bit. If the bat is one dollar more than the .10 cent ball this means the bat alone would cost $1.10 which is incorrect because $1.20 exceeds the total, combined expenditure for bat and ball.

Ball $____.10______ Bat $___1.10_______ Total $___1.20___??

Correct solution is the ball costs

Slow - Critical - Thinking

Since the bat costs one dollar MORE than the ball, the cost of the ball is .05, and at one dollar more, the bat is $1.05.

Ball $_____.05_____ Bat $____1.05______ Grand Total $____1.10___