plinko words mind breakdown

Plinko Brain

The Question Asked:

What is the meaning of the word ___________________________________?

First level answers originate from uniquely learned memory and already formed ideas and stereotypes based upon stored knowledge and information. Every individual forms uniquely personal combinations of genetic DNA, intelligence capabilities, educational opportunities and culturalized personalities. Every person, from conception to old age, grows, learns and matures differently within their own sphere of society or culture and holds unique observations and reactions all affected by the senses, taste, touch, audio, sight, intuit and smell.

If you think about all the possibile answers to any question, it is a wonder people agree on anything. In order to get a mental handle on this chaos, I call it Plinko Brain.

Plinko is the popular feature on the Television game "The Price is Right." The contestant inserts a game puck arbitrarily into a maze of bumper pads which bounce the puck at random to and fro as it travels through the maze. Ultimately the puck falls into one category and the contestant wins a monetary prize.

I equivocate Plinko to the random manner in which individuals develop and learn. Each person uniquely experiences words, sounds, taste, smell, sight and intuit or gut feelings, as our mental Plinko puck travels though the synaptic connections in our uniquely developing brains.

  • If a first experience with ice or freeze is a tongue stuck firmly to a frozen flag pole, a paradigm may form that ice or freeze is bad.
  • If a first experience with ice or freeze is the joy a tasty snow-cone on a hot summer day, a stereotype may form that ice or freeze is good.

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