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The Brain on Fear - Tackle Your Fears

The primary function of the brain is to ensure survival of the


From infancy, parents, community, tradition, religion, science, ists and isms and politicians, our brains acquire cognition:

knowledge and understanding through learning, experience

input from the senses: Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

Fear/ Phobia

controlled through the process of cognition.

Fido, Memory Fetcher

The brain's attentive guard puppy is determined, to the best of its ability, to get you through whatever situation arises.

Fido is always on alert, ready to instantly fetch memories, gather thoughts, revisit experiences...

when a fear is's kitchen sink time.

Pay Attention, Listen to your thoughts:


  • You are eating a dry peanut butter cracker
  • Did Fido retrieve thoughts of refreshing liquid beverages?
  • awakened by a bump in the night
  • Did Fido remind you to fold laundry...not!
  • The word:Glossophobia
  • Is your guard PUPPY perplexed by this funny, weird word?
  • You are selected to public
  • Did your Fido just dig up a huge pile of dirty old bones?

Let's Roll those Dirty Old Bones...

Examine FEAR Words

Examine FEAR Feelings

Oh Noooooooo!

I'm not smart enough

I'm not educated enough

I'm not qualified

I have no degree - authority

I'm not allowed - Insensitive

I'm not capable - above pay scale

Don't rock the cradle

Where is my lucky coin, shoes, socks

I will lose friends, unworthy

I will lose approval, social ostracization

I will create animosity, betray trust

I have unpopular opinions, shame

I will face ridicule, insecurity

I will endure humiliation

My worst nightmare will come true!

I will reveal weakness -judged weak

nom, nom, nom...where's my blankie

Baby Steps to Mental Freedom

Fear can be rational or appropriate

Fear can be irrational or inappropriate - a phobia ( FO-bee-uh)

Fear ensures survival and status quo

Glossophobia (Gloss-o-FO-bee-uh)

Glossophobia, a fear of public speaking is a common type of social phobia, (social anxiety disorder). Glossophobics feel excessive self-consciousness, fear humiliation in social situations where they may be embarrassed or judged in front of others.

How we react to fear usually sets hold early in infancy and childhood.

Youngsters have limited knowledge and immature coping skills. Severity of trauma can magnify where the proverbial monster in the closet is born.

What childhood Phobia(s) have you permanently, successfully expunged?

How do you handle or conquer irrational fear?

Coping tips and skills to develop

  • Humor:
  • Introspection:
  • Education:
  • Took the Plunge:
  • Professional help
  • Do it Yourself psychology (self-help books/tapes/videos)
  • Visualization: (through Adult Eyes)
  • Confrontation / Acceptance:

Remember, there are no strangers in Toastmasters, only friends you haven't met.


Questions to Spark Conversations with Your Brain

Face your fears

    • If Public Speaking was a wild animal?
    • Which animal. How would you tame it?

Reward Yourself

    • If Public Speaking was bitter chocolate
    • How much sugar would you need to make it tasty?

Examine the evidence

    • If Public Speaking was laid out on a slab.
    • How would you conduct the autopsy?

Imagine the worst

    • Public Speaking has dragged you to the top of the Empire State Building, like King Kong,
    • What steps would you take to save yourself?

Make a Trade-In

If you could cure Glossophobia by trading it in for a more reasonable, unreasonable fear, which phobia would you choose?

      • Tonitrophobia, Fear of thunder
      • Venustraphobia, Fear of beautiful women
      • Selenophobia, Fear of the moon
      • Autophobia, Fear of being alone
      • Podophobia Fear of feet

Courage VS Security
You find a boulder impailed with a magic sword.
Public Speaking is required to loosen the sword.
How do you convince the stone that you are the right Public Speaker?

Transform Fear Into Excitement
Public Speaking is an amusement park ride.
Describe your ride: examples
Ferris Wheel, Bumper car, carousel, Scramblr, River Rapids, Log Ride, Triple-Threat-Xtreme-Screamer roller coaster...

Helpful sites about phobias and irrational-fears and how to control feelings of fear.